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Simplify your life! Pay recurring bills automatically with your VCCCD Debit Card.

Many merchants and service providers offer the convenience of automatic bill payment. From Internet and mobile phone service to utilities, setting up automatic bill payment using your VCCCD Debit Card is an easy way to save time. With automatic payments using your VCCCD Debit Card and OneAccount you can:

  • Eliminate check-writing hassles.
  • Avoid late-payment fees and service interruptions.
  • Save time and reduce postage costs.
  • View all of your payments on your account statement.

Take advantage of these exclusive money-saving offers when you sign up for automatic bill payment using your VCCCD Debit Card and OneAccount.

Common Auto-Payment Businesses
 Cell Phone Provider  Magazines
 Phone Company  Internet Provider
 Cable Provider  Websites
 Health Clubs  Auto Insurance

How to Setup Auto-Payment
1. Contact biller to sign up for Auto-Payment through Debit MasterCard®.
2. Submit card information over website or phone.
3. Sign and submit forms if required.